Wish SqLite3 support

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Wish SqLite3 support

Well Both Mysql and Postgresql are great databases for the use of local and remote servers thats no problem at all.
if your hosting a webpage to the outside world i always recomended both of them on a local server and local port to shut down the outside world port connecting to it.

But theres also SQLITE database also great for local fullly grown database stored in one file,
thats why i request sqlite to the wishlist of cqrlog.

73's PD1SR, Roel

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Re: Wish SqLite3 support

Hi Roel,

the very first version of CQRLOG, just after leaving Firebird embedded support, I tried to use sqlite3. It didn't work because cqrlog uses several threads working with database simultaneously and sqlite3 is not designed for this usage.

You can try https://www.dl8bh.de/cqrweblog/ from Bernd DL8BH, it uses cqrlog main database.

73 Petr

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SQLite3 and Multithreading

Hi Petr,

I use SQLIte3 over 10 years with threading or more than one process, also with a Lazarus Application, but even more with C/C++ on x86 and ARM Controller. In my experience the problem is not SQLite3, the problem are the Lazarus components. I never searched why there are problems, tested it also with Zeos. But with the C/C++ calls to the SQLite3 libs I had never such problems, as I have had with Lazarus. Don't know if I doing something wrong with the Laz components, but I have decided to use only C/C++ for my future apps.

SQLite3 is threadsafe: https://sqlite.org/threadsafe.html

73, Tom