Wsjt-x stop TX

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Wsjt-x stop TX


During last week I made one more extension to cqrlog's wsjt-x connection. Friday's ES opening was perfect place to test it with 92 qsos that about 90% of them were made by answering to CQ.

As we know wsjt-x stops TX if answer to CQ is done at same frequency as CQ calling and answer does not come to us.
But if we answer to CQ using split frequency our TX stays on even when CQ caller answers to someone else.

This new feature of cqrlog's wsjt-x monitor works so that if answering to CQ is initiated by double clicking a line of wsjt-x monitor, and "sTx" (stop TX) checkbox is checked, wsjt-x monitor will stop TX (with UDP command) if answer is not directed to us.
Now also when making a split frequency answering!

That is a feature (a checkbox) that I have requested to be in main window of wsjt-x some time ago.

The testing on Friday evening proved that it is very useful:

1) If I did not get answer from CQ caller I was able to immediately pick up another one from cqrlog's wsjt-x monitor list as TX dropping (red button turning white) was easy to notice and so no valuable seconds were lost.

2) TX dropped away immediately allowing me to receive also the period that was following the one that I did not get reply from CQ caller. That one is normally lost because TX starts a new try before you notice you did not get answer and manually shut TX down. So that period's RX is normally lost.

I still think this should be wsjt-x's feature ( but it can be done also with companion programs like cqrlog. )

Test binaries in my website, as usual:

Source code in my GitHub: