Cqrlog+Lotw issues

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Cqrlog+Lotw issues

Dear all, I'm a first time Raspi user and first time Cqrlog user, with minimum experience in Raspian so please bear with me, as probably I'm asking a dumb question.

I've been enjoying my Raspberry 3 Pi with Cqrlog for a couple of days now and so far so good with just one exception: uploading and downloading from Lotw. Whenever I try to download from Lotw I get the following message:

NOT Logged
Error: -2
Error: ssl_openssl

And when I try to export to Lotw I get the following message (the adi file is created and signed correctly):

Uploading file...
Error: -2

In both cases, I've verified my username, password and QTH name with Lotw and they are correct. The adi file for export is created correctly because I can sign it and upload it with Tqsl app without issues. I've tried Cqrlog 2.1 and 2.2.

Please advise on what could I do.



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Re: Cqrlog+Lotw issues

Hi Santiago,

install libssl-dev package, it should help.

73 Petr

Done that.

Thanks Petr for the prompt reply.

Done that and I have it installed and in the latest version. Any further steps?

73, Santiago

Debug Info

Petr, see the information of the Debug run (sorry couldnt paste it)