I can't change from CQRLog v 1.8.2 to v 2.2.0-1

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I can't change from CQRLog v 1.8.2 to v 2.2.0-1

Dear all,

I have installed the CQRLOG version 1.8.2 and work with this successful.
But now I will change to the newest version 2.2.0-1 and get during the installation try following error message:
libmariadbclient-dev dependence error.

Ok I removed the mysql packet and installing the mariadbclient.
After that the CQRLOG 1.8.2 is again fine working, but during the next installation try from CQRLOG 2.2.0-1, I get the same message as before.

What can or must I do to upgrade the CQRLOG to the version 2.2.0-1?

My operating system is Linux Mint Debian

Vy 73 de Uwe, DL6NDK

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Re: I can't change from CQRLog v 1.8.2 to v 2.2.0-1

Hi Uwe.

I'm very sorry but this is a big mess in packages. The correct name of the package is libmariadbclient-dev-compat. Mint should be based on Ubuntu but there is a lot of differences. If you use Mint based on Debian, you can't use packages for Ubuntu, because Ubuntu uses MySQL and Debian MariaDB. In the package, there is a dependency defined like mysql OR mariaDB and I have no idea why apt doesn't care about that.

The best way is to use cqrlog binary tar.gz and install all necessary libraries by hand e.g. MariaDB server and client, trustedqsl, libssl-dev, libmariadbclient-dev-compat, libhamlib-utils. Maybe the list is not complete, right now, I'm not sure.

If you want to upgrade, you can try deb package for Debian from Download section. It's created for Debian and should work also in Linux Mint based on Debian.

73 Petr