Elecraft/TenTec support??

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Elecraft/TenTec support??

Hi Guys - Great Program !

Considering changing my base rig here - I know most of the Yaesu - Icom - Kenwood rigs are supported, but what about the K3 or perhaps Ten Tec ??
Wil I have probs setting up these latter rigs?

Interested - Thanks. de P

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Re: Elecraft/TenTec support??


CQRLOG uses hamlib backend for radio control. List of supported radios is here: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/hamlib/index.php?title=Supported_R...

For K3 you can probably use settings for Kenwood radios.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: Ten Tec / Elecraft

Hi Petr

Thank you for info/link

Rgds: Peter - g4nkx (Reg Linux user No 484861)  -  IO90lv

Elecraft support

Hamlib has support for Elecraft radios. The K2 is rig# 221 and the K3 is rig# 229.
I couldn't get my K3 to work with CQRlog on one of my computers so I changed the
rig# to 221 (K2) and it works now.


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Re: Elecraft/TenTec support??

Using Ten-Tec Orion for all my work on the program.