Warning: ampersand in LoTW password

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Warning: ampersand in LoTW password

Trying to troubleshoot a problem with LoTW download (got "Error 2; missing ssl libraries" and no SSL Libraries listed in --debug=1 output; still investigating) and I think I discovered a problem.

The LoTW password is sent in plaintext in an HTTPS call to the LoTW website. Since the HTTPS delimiter between fields is an ampersand ('&'), if your password contains this character, as mine did, this is going to cause a problem in parsing this HTTPS statement.

Not sure what the solution could be. I'm going to just change my password. Luckily, other people are smarter than me.

KC3KZ (was KC3KHA)

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Re: Warning: ampersand in LoTW password

Hi Kevin,

I thought I fixed that. What version of CQRLOG are you using?

73 Petr