Installation on Raspberry Pi 4 B

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Installation on Raspberry Pi 4 B

Having a dreadful time trying to get anything to work on the new RPi4b... even the user instructions provided with the unit don't work. It doesn't help that I'm a newbie to Linux so I'm on a steep learning curve.

Has anyone installed onto an RPI4B and, step by step, how was it done?

Currently all my radio gear

Currently all my radio gear in the shack is controlled by a raspberry pi (3b+) which is up/running 24/7 as a desktop machine. It takes a while to get it all running, but it was worth the effort.

For logging I'm happy with CQRLog.

Downloaded the package from this side and installed it with sudo dpkg -i name-of-downloaded-file

For basic questions on how to get a RPi up and running, is very helpful. More sophisticated issues typically get answered through a google search.

It is my experience that the knowledge around RPi is available on the internet, building the experience is a process that you have to invest in yourselves.

Unfortunately your question is rather generic. Do you have a RPi that is up and running ok? What is your specific struggle with getting CQRLog on it?