Uploading FT4 log to LOTW

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Uploading FT4 log to LOTW

My understanding is that LOTW is now accepting FT4 uploads. I have a seperate FT4 log in my CQRLOG but when I try to upload to LOTW I get "FT4 is not a valid mode" error. I was able to upload the ADIF file manually with TQSL but would rather be able to using CQRLOG. Has anyone been able to resolve this?
******My apologies, found the solution in another post. Must add FT4 in preferences/modes.

73, Bill NZ0T



in the alphaversion FT4 is a standard mode and the adif for lotw is conform to ADIF specification 3.1.0. so FT4 is handled correct as a submode of MFSK.

this works fine here.

your solution enables to enter FT4 mode, but in TQSL you have to map FT4 to DATA, because FT4 is a submode of MFSK and not a mode.
at the moment i do not know a other way.

lotw should not accept FT4 as mode. or did it?

bye Andreas, DL7OAP