Remove QTH-Profile selection from ADIF Import

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Remove QTH-Profile selection from ADIF Import

I propose that the QTH Profile setting should be removed from the ADIF import dialog. Instead the QTH-Profiles should be tied to grid locations. So when each QSO is imported, the My Grid field should be compared to the possible entries in the QTH-Profile list and then selected from there.

The way it is now, it is difficult to import an ADIF file that contains QSO's from different locations. You have to split the file into seperate locations first and then import them individually. With the dearth of LINUX ADIF Editor programs, this is difficult.

For example my situation is that i have the WSJT-X ADI file and sometimes I forget to put CQRLOG in WSJT-X remote mode. So there are some entries in that file that are not in CQRLOG. It would be convenient to just reimport the WSJT-X log to get those missing QSO's. Right now that is difficult since the WSJT-X log has entries from all my locations.

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Remove QTH-Profile selection from ADIF Import


Sorting Qth profiles by locators (6chrs) is not good idea. There may be places in coastline where you have 2 qths. Other is IOTA, other is not.
Same with WFF profiles.

Grid should be 8chrs or more to be small enough.

Have you tried just to import your wsjt qsos. Then "qso list/filter" to dig them out by locator and date.
After that you can use "qso list/file/Group edit" to change qth profile for filtered list.

Just a word of warning:
Group edit is very powerful command that has no "Oops-button". Once you hit "apply" it is done. If it was'nt filtered list, then effect was to whole log.

I recommend to test it first with log that has fresh backup. (always do full backup before group edit!)