CW Keyer - Getting started

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CW Keyer - Getting started


I'm new to CQRLog and Ubuntu 18.4 as well. I've just installed CQRLog and have it communicating with my KX3. I want to use a Winkeyer 3 USB as my CW interface. When plugging it into my laptop I see no indication of a connection i.e. the winkey remains in the standalone mode. I have used the lsusb command and can see the winkeyer in the resulting listing. To the best of my ability, the winkeyer is USB0 and my rig is USB1.

What steps should I take to further investigate and get the winkeyer working properly?

Thanks in advance,

Robie - AJ4F

In preferences --->

In preferences ---> cwinterface, first Interface type choose Winkeyer USB, Device /dev/ttyUSB0
and default speed, what ever you want. All other further down, you don't need to touch.
You should now be able key, if you set File ----> Key macros, F1 my call set %mc, now pressing
F1, when you're cw mode, you should hear rig sending your call, what you have set there in prefs.
This is for start, you'll find more reading the manual..


Oh, forgot, you have to set

Oh, forgot, you have to set rig also in preferences, then set you, as a user
into DIALOUT group and you have installed also hamlib, haven't you?
Also you need mariadb and mariadb-server, if you log qsos local db.. etc.
So RTFM is very good start, also going through this forum, there's lot of
text, howto...


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Re: CW Keyer - Getting started

Hi Robie,

first you have to find out what device the winkeyer is. Unplug the winkeyer from USB, open a terminal, plug it again and run dmesg command. You should see what /dev/ttyUSBx device will be assigned to WinKeyer. Now open CQRLOG go to Preferences -> CW Interface. On the top in the select box choose Interface type: Winkeyer USB, into Port enter path to the device that you saw on the end of dmesg listing. Now click to OK and it should work.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: CW Keyer - Getting started

Hi Robie

After you get your winkeyer working as first time I recommend that you create fixed names for your keyer and rig. As you are using a laptop it might be that you some day will have usb ports appear in different order.
Naming ports with symlink releases the search pain. In my case my rig is always /dev/icom7300 and my winkeyer is /dev/cwkeyer . No matter in what oreder or what USB socket I use for them.

Put these words to Google search:
ubuntu 18.04 udev rules

And you will find lot of examples how you can do it. It is really worth of study.