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eQSL Upload

Please excuse my bad english.

How can I upload only selected records or records from only one QTH-profile to eQSL?

In the dialogbox I only can select between "Export all QSOs" and "Export only QSO's which have never been uploaded". Which QSO's will CQRLOG exporting, if I use a Filter? Only the filtered QSO's or all QSOs?

Maybe you should save the different eQSL-Nicknames with the different QTH-profiles.

The problem is:
I have multiple profiles (Nicknames) in my eQSL-account with different QSL-cards for different portable activities. In CQRLOG I use different QTH-profiles for this. The programm should upload QSO's from different QTH-profiles to different eQSL-Nicknames automatically.

vy 73, DC1KW

PS: If I filter the QSO entrys, nevertheless all not uploaded QSO's will be exported. also entrys not in the filter.

eQSL Upload

I have never needed QTH profiles. I have made different logs to different qths. So my advise might be wrong.

I would try to set up filter for needed QTHprofile. Then only qsos from this profile should be displayed.
After that QSL /eQSL/export select "export only qsos wich have never uploaded" and type right QTH nickname (means eQSL account nickname to use) and press upload.

If filter is active uploading is always based to filter results.