Voice keyer CI-V with Icom

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Voice keyer CI-V with Icom


I do not normally work a lot fone qsos. And even less fone contests.
SAC contest is how ever the one that "must work", even if just few qsos and short time.

During contest I realized that my icom IC7300 can record and playback voice. I have not used that feature before.
After contest I was thinking that those memories have to have own CI-V commands to initiate as everything else can also be controlled by CI-V.
How ever IC7300 full manual does not tell that.

After some Googling I found out that those commands really exist.

I designed a new ~/.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer/voice_keyer.sh script that can initiate those voice memories via CI-V.
Cqrlog has already a voice keyer feature that runs audio files as voice memories. So no change is needed to cqrlog. Just redesign of that script.
To get access to rig we must talk to rigctld and make it command the rig.

Accessing rigctld needs TCP/IP communication, same as cqrlog uses too. For that we need to load a new command line program called netcat, or nc. Name differs a bit in different linux distributions. For Fedora it is "nc".

New content to ~/.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer/voice_keyer.sh

#Voice keyer for Icom rigs with internal voice recorder (address set & tested with IC7300) OH1KH-2019
#IC7300 has 8 voice memories so 8 function keys of cqrlog can be used
#Cqrlog, when in fone mode, uses CW macro F-keys for calling script at ~/.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer/voice_keyer.sh
#The F-key number is placed as first parameter for script by cqrlog.
#~/.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer/voice_keyer.sh F1
#~/.config/cqrlog/voice_keyer/voice_keyer.sh F2
# etc.
#This script reads 1st parameter and sends corresponding raw CI-V command to rig using rigctld's command 'w'
#linux netcat (nc) progam must be installed for communication to rigctld via TCP/IP
#echo -n -e [rigctld command] | nc localhost 4532
#Script does not use return value that rig sends after getting voice initiate CI-V command.
#8th hex byte cancels (if 0x00) running voice sending or initiates it (0x01 - 0x08)
#FE FE FE 94 E0 28 00 00 FD #cancel playback
#FE FE FE 94 E0 28 00 01 FD #send mem1
#FE FE FE 94 E0 28 00 02 FD #send mem2
# . . .
#FE FE FE 94 E0 28 00 08 FD #send mem8
#Command sent via netcat and rigctld
#echo -n -e 'w\\0xFE\\0xFE\\0xFE\\0x94\\0xE0\\0x28\\0x00\\0x01\\0xFD' | nc localhost 4532
# script begins here:
case $1 in
echo -n -e 'w\\0xFE\\0xFE\\0xFE\\0x94\\0xE0\\0x28\\0x00\\0x0'$M'\\0xFD'| nc localhost 4532

This script should work also for other new Icom rigs than 7300. Then just the address of the rig (4th byte), here 0x94, must be changed.