Fresh install to fresh computer (virtual) Fedora 32

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Fresh install to fresh computer (virtual) Fedora 32

Yesterday I made a test to install cqrlog to Fedora 32.

I wanted to test QT5 version and I did not have free hardware so I ended up to virtual computer.
Built one with 8Gb virtual hard drive.

Loaded network install media from and installed it as virtual CD of virtual computer.

Booted virtual PC and installation started. After selctions (timezone, username (allow admin checkbox to use sudo command) etc..) installation starded.
I selected LXDE desktop install with minimal packages (to save space and time)
After it finished rebooted virtual PC to get Fedora 32 running.

First opened command console and installed needed QT5 support to test QT version of cqrlog (this is not needed, if you do not use QT5) with command:
sudo dnf install qt5pas

After that was done installed cqrlog:
sudo dnf install cqrlog

When it was done started cqrlog from command console:

Selected to save log data to local machine and let cqrlog to create the first log.
After that closed cqrlog.

Then went to to get latest alpha test of cqrlog.
Downloaded (this is QT version, is normal gtk2 version)
Downloaded fixed help files help.tgz
and script
How to download and use them is told in page's README text.

After moved downloaded files to /tmp and set execution bits to with:
chmod a+z /tmp/
I started and it run through as expected.

Then started again cqrlog from console:

And the latest alpha test version was running.
At this point all settings mycall, name radio.. etc should be done before actual usage of cqrlog.

This can not be more easier!