I only see the year 2020 on my log!

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I only see the year 2020 on my log!

hello Saku
Thank you for answering me, yes there is the right number of qso, there was a stop at 2020/01/01, but I found in Filter at the top right the possibility to change the date, so everything is back in the after this manipulation, perfect!
Thanks again for your help, I would like to know if there was another problem.
thanks for this great log
73 Patrick

I only see the year 2020 on my log!

First of all: Make backup copy of your logs and settings by copying all files and folders under ~/.confgi/cqrlog. From command console:

cp -a ~/.config/cqrlog ~/.config/cqrlog_save

Then it is time to look the reason.
Do you know approx qso count of your log? Does "Qso list" show right amount of logged qsos?

If you scroll down "QSO list" view with "PgDN" key stops scrolling to 2020-01-01 date?
If so, what happens then? Any error splash or cqrlog crash?

Does this happen *after* you have set filter from date 2019-01-01 to current date, or without filter?