How to handle eQSL qsls?

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How to handle eQSL qsls?

Hello CQRLOG users,

I understand that CQRLOG does not support eQSL until eQSL will be accepted by most of the award managers. While exporting is easy, I have to find a way to import my received eQSL into CQRLog to keep track of the feedback.

I wonder if I missed any option, but up to now I found only the option to export QSOs from eQSL as ADIF and import it into CQRLog.. but this results in new QSOs in CQRLog instead of getting only the QSL state updated ( of course ..)

Doe anyone has a idea, how to handle eQSL cards other than checking each QSO by hand?

73 de Olaf

Is there any updates to this?

Is there any updates to this? I, too, would like to hear what others are doing as far as receiving eQSLs into cqrlog.

73 - Paul - N9GXA

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eQSL import and export

Hi Martin and Petr.
First congratulations for the execelent job with CQRLog.
I'm also understand the reasons to not export and import to eQLS syncronize files.
But I don't understand why the most award managers do not accept eQSO.
As we usually say we live in a "free" world as Linux is.
Hams must be free decide between A or B or C qsl trafic as we decide use Linux.
Why don't put yhis feature in 0.8.6?
Kelmer - PP5KE