How to show LoTW users inside "Detail" window.

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How to show LoTW users inside "Detail" window.
  1. Dowload the unofficial LoTW's user list from (the file named: "All known users, for RXCLUS - Text 1 call/line, no comments"
  2. Save it as lotw.txt into your ~/cqrlog/members directory
  3. Edit it with your favorite text editor and add as the first two lines:
  4. LOTW
    Logbook of the World

  5. Save the file
  6. Start CQRLOG.
  7. Open Preferences-Membership.
  8. Open a free club list. Search, and select, the new created LOTW item.
  9. Push the LOAD button. (Optional: edit/modify the optional SETTINGS)
  10. Open the Details window. Here you'll see if a ham is "member" of LOTW system ...

Very 73 Alberto IT9LNH