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TRX control

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TRX control

Iam using CQRLOG & ubuntu 9.10,rig is icom 746 pro. cqrlog is set up in a folder under home using the bin version.Frequency does NOT show in the TRX panel or the log input panel.When I use fldigi the frequency shows in fldigi and transfers to Cqrlog when a QSO is saved. Trx buttons do not change frequency or mode on rig when left button clicked.Mode band widths are set to zero (or normal) under preferences.Thought,does cqrlog know where to find hamlib when set up under binary version,fldigi is set up under ubuntu synaptic manager.Any clues?

73 John zl3aau

TRX control

I don't think anyone has hamlib working in Ubuntu 9.10 - it worked just fine for me in 9.04 - stopped working after the 9.10 upgrade - and, this is the good news, works fine again in 10.04 Beta2!

73 de OZ1PIF, Peter