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DXCC-statistics stop working

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DXCC-statistics stop working


I made a mistake by importing the same ADIF twice which gave me each QSO twice in the log.
I decided to shut down the program and remove the log-file that I suppose is the "cqrlog.fdb" under log_data. After re-start I imported my log again, refreshed the data and rebuilt the DXCC-statistics. I now says "0" DXCC no matter what I try to do. If I try to look into the DXCC-statistics, for example "confirmed only" it gives me an empty form with no DXCC-content.

The only way I have figured to restore the DXCC-function is to re-install the whole program.
Is there an easier way to get it back when it goes this way?

Mikael SM6VJA

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Re: DXCC-statistics stop working

Hi Mikael,

if you delete cqrlog.fdb, you must import dxcc data again. Go to QSO list, choose File menu, click to Import -> DXCC data. Open dialog appears. Please navigate it into ctyfiles directory which is in cqrlog folder. Than click to Open. CQRLOG will import DXCC data and ask you for program restart. After restart go to QSO list, choose Statistics and click to Rebuild DXCC statistics.
Now it should be OK.

It is described also in help -

73 Petr, OK2CQR

DXCC-statistics stop working

OK! Thanks again!

Mikael SM6VJA