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FT-900 - Slow response for rig control

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FT-900 - Slow response for rig control

I have a new install of CQRLog and am having some rig control issues. The rig is a FT-900 and it is very slow to respond even with 'medium' poll times of 300-500 milliseconds. And it does not always read the mode information correctly. And sometimes when I try to change mode with the software I see 'Invalid Mode Type: CW' or whatever mode I am trying to go to, and that causes the CAT connection to drop completely. Once the CAT connection drops the only way I have been able to re-establish it is to shutdown the software and restart it.

I am going straight from /dev/ttyS0 to the CAT controller. Computer is a P4/2.?? Ghz with 1G RAM. OS is fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04.

Also, when I start CQRLog I get and error about not bing able to find But I see that in the cqrlog*/lib directory. That is not available from my repository.

Thanks and 73,
--scott N9LJX

Try setting DTR

Hi Scott.

I noticed that Fldigi got very slow responses with my FT-890 until I set DTR in its Hamlib configuration. I suspect you may be experiencing the same with your FT-900 as they are very close in design. In CQRlog's Preferences under TRX control, click the Settings button beside the Device field and try checking the DTR box and see of that helps.

73, de Nate >>

Tried that

I tried turning on DTR with the same results. Rig Control works fine in FLDigi and Grig w/o DTR on.


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Re: Tried that

Hi Scott,

I'm sorry I don't know what is hapening with CAT. But maybe I know what to do with mode switching.
Please open Preferences, go to Modes tab and set all bandwidths to 0. Maybe this could help.

73 Petr, OK2CQR