Band-Map and New QSO Window

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Band-Map and New QSO Window



in the top area of the "New QSO" window" i can see my previous contacts with logged station.
When I enter a new callsign, change the display of this area nothing.

Now if I take a call sign by double-clicking in the "Band Map Window, the area with the previous contacts will be cleard.
The same effect by double-clicking into the "DX-Cluster" window.


Is there a difference in the data transfer from if in the preferences and user password are entered?

73 de Wolfgang, DL2KI

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Re: Band-Map and New QSO Window

Hi Wolfgang,

if you type a callsign to New QSO window and leave Call field, CQRLOG shows you previous QSO with this staion. So maybe all station you are testing are not in you log.

CQRLOG supports only public version of QRZ.cOM. User and password is for proxy or LoTW. It depents on tab you've selected.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: Re: Band-Map and New QSO Window

Hi Petr,

thanks for the hint. Your train of thought with the call field is now well understood and logically comprehensible.

With the settings "Internet connections" may be a reference missing in the Settings window.

73 de Wolfgang, DL2KI