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Band Limit for CW

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Band Limit for CW


when I have the radio set for example to 7010.00 MHz CW, and in the "Band Map" Window double-click on a station that is on 7036.50 MHz QRV, switches the radio from CW to LSB.

Is here perhaps the band limit of 7040 for CW not programmed correctly?

73 de Wolfgang, DL2KI

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Re: Band Limit for CW


it is fully editable. File -> Preferences -> Bands, there is a button "Frequencies". Read the help before talking of a bug, please!

Martin, OK1RR

OK, thank you Martin for


thank you Martin for pointing out the button. I had not noticed this feature in the program help.

I will improve myself in this regard in the future about new posts!

73 de Wolfgang, DL2KI