fldigi close -> TX on !

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fldigi close -> TX on !

Something not good.

IC7300 connected to PC via USB

Fldigi alone OK
Fldigi closed without problem

CQRlog OK (communicate with the rig)

remote wsjt x all OK
remote fldigi OK

BUT on closing Fldigi, TX begins transmitting until closing CQRlog...

I don't know why. Any idea ?

Thanks for help.

fldigi close -> TX on !

Hi !

I guess that you have not defined fldigi to use rig "Net Hamlib rigctld" and instead used your IC7300 and usb device in definition.

If you define IC7300 at cqrlog trxcontrol with "Run rigctld at program start" you should define fldigi to use rig "net hamlib rigctld" and always start cqrlog before fldigi.
Or start hamlib rigctld before cqrlog and before fldigi or any other program using rig and define rig as "Net hamlib rigctld" in ALL those programs.

See this document for more info https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/blob/loc_testing/compiled/setting_rigctl...