ARRL Field Day

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ARRL Field Day

ARRL FD is coming soon. I note in the contest log there is an entry for it, even though they claim it's not a contest. This will be my first using CQRlog.

My part of the exchange will always be the same, "1B AL" (single op, Alabama this year). Is there a way to fix this in the field? I assume that since no sequence number is required I can just double tab to the correct field for the other station's information?

CQRlog just keeps getting better!


Charles - NK8O

ARRL Field Day

HI Charles!

Thanks for your additions to WWFF message chain!
With ARRL Filed day you can use contest window. Do not set "NR s" or check "Inc", but set "MSG s" to be "1B AL".
If no received serial number is needed then check "No" and TAB skips directly to "MSG r" that you can then fill.

See the "help" (contest window, up right question mark icon) for more info.
See also "NewqSO/Help/Help index/Quick start/CW messages" if you are opreating with CW. There you will find how you can use CW macros (% at beginning) to include contents to your CW memory messages.