Telnet window has black bands

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Telnet window has black bands


I have been using Linux for about 7 months. I now have a computer dedicated to Linux with Ubuntu 10.04 and CQRLOG, fldigi, and Hamlib installed.

I just installed CQRLOG 0.9.4 and have noticed a problem. When I log onto a telnet node the telent window has black bands across it when new spots come in. I have tried different telent nodes but the same thing happens.

There is another small problem, with the gray line map window. It has a thin white line across the bottom of the window. Re-sizing the window does not get rid of it, it is there all the time.

I don't know if this is a bug or a video driver problem. Other programs seem to appear OK on the screen.

Many thanks for the fine logging program. I appreciate the work put into developing a program like this because I did some programming back in the early days of PCs.

I will e-mail a screen shot of the CQRLOG window showing the problems I have described.

73, Dan (W3DF)

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Re: Telnet window has black bands

Hi Dan,

this is caused by new feature in CQRLOg. All black spots are for station who are using LoTW. Please open Preferences, go to LoTW support tab and choode different color for stations using LoTW.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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RE: Telnet window has black stripes

Thanks Petr,

I missed this when I went through the preference settings.

After playing more with the new Ubuntu I found that the white stripe across the bottom of the window is only noticeable with windows with dark backgrounds. The default OS terminal background also showed the stripe across the bottom of the window. When I changed the background to a lighter color you do not notice it.

So it is not a bug in your program, it is a feature of Ubuntu 10.04 (hi)

73, Dan

73, Dan-W3DF