Fedora 33 and cqrlog install

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Fedora 33 and cqrlog install

Yesterday I installed cqrlog from package to Fedora 33 laptop that did not have sql or cqrlog installed before.

Noticed that install from package fails (what a surprise ;-( ). Package installs hamlib, mariadb server and cqrlog ok, but cqrlog fails to start. And the reason is "as usual" sql server access.

I think I did unnecessary work by first removing cqrlog package, then installing hamlib package and mariadb* packages separately and after that again the cqrlog package.
I first thought the problem was with mariadb installation and making it separate and "everything" (asterisk as the end of package name) could resolve the problem.

I think the final solution was how ever to disable selinux, but I was lazy enough not to roll all back and try just cqrlog package again with selinux disabled.

So if there is problem with database connection and Fedora fresh cqrlog install from package first test is to disable selinux and see if that helps.

It can be done like this:

Edit file /etc/selinux/config:
sudo nano /etc/selinux/config

Change line to:

and save file.

After that reboot PC and see if it helped. You can also change type of SELINUX "on the fly" with an other command, but best is to reboot. Then you can see it works also on next time.