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NEW IDEAS [solved]

Hello everyone:

I just to know about CQRLOG.
It looks very nice piece.
I have someone "foolish ideas" for enhancement it.
Really I don´t download it yet, since I have a Macintosh computer, but I would like know what I should
to do for install (virtually?) Linux Ubuntu or some like that, for run CQRLOG and anothers hams Linux applications.
I would suggestion following features: (Please ignore anything if it come with CQRLOG)

a) E-mail field;
b) Unamed fields (maybe 2 or 3). User will name them setting they self any name.
c) QSO RECORD # field. I think program have now a qso counter. Would be better a field that show the number for each qso. Of course that would be mandatory add a re-number or re-order feature: when user delete a qso, then the program auto reorder or auto re number it all entire database. This field would great for identify those qsos that can´t to be exported or imported. Of course in the search window, users could search qso for any #, by ex. #1 or #1000 or #10,150 and so on.

It means the program will enter data in the band, mode and both rst fields when user enter frequency. Ex.: If user enter 14,014, then program would enter 20, for the band field, CW, for the mode field and 599 for both his sig and my signal fields and so on. If user enter frequency as 18,150, then program would enter 17, SSB and 59 (by default also) an so on.

This new feature will great for allow users record and save or store any sound or qso associated to any qso or call. Program should allow make search for all qsos or call that have any record or specifically for any qso #;

This new feature would great for blind hams. It means that user are goig to hear a female or male voice every time that they are enter data in the entering data window. It would sound like: "time", "call", "frequency", "date", "name", "qth", and so on.

It would great for all hams, speciall for blind also. It means a sound alerting when user get "new country", "confirmed", "worked", "new in this band" and so on.

I have more new ideas.

Let me know if someone would like to know them.

I dont know if program can or have:

1) The Remark or Note data associated to a qso or associated to an specific call. It doesn´t the same.

2) If can change the position of any field (Mens if user can drag any name field

3) If it is possible to change the color and size of the characters (In any window, specially in the window that display all qsos entered.

Thanks for your patient and all the best for everyone from the hot Caribbean.


Radhames, HI3AB

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Hello Radhames,

many thanks for your notes. Every suggestion is valuable and we pay the highest attention to it.

Download CQRLOG and give a test. You will see that most of your suggested options are already there. No doubt if you master the operation, you will discover further tricks and the power hidden behind many features looking very simple which are actually very smart. I recommend to investigate the "Comment for Callsign", "Comment for QSO" and long note edit Ctrl-N.

Consider, please, our priorities:

  • easy operation
  • speed
  • lot of details on the worked station

    and the fact that CQRLOG is primarily dedicated to the CW/SSB DXer who works and/or already has a huge amount of contacts in his log. You see that some of your suggestions are in contrary (mostly) with the speed rule etc. Read also the article 'Is it for me?' which is in the 'About' column.

    Martin, OK1RR