ADIF POST to target URL - feature request

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ADIF POST to target URL - feature request

Hello the team,

Actually the software can only syncronise QSO to few online services hamqth,clublog,hrdlog.
Is it possible to add a generic configuration for QSO-ADIF Webservice syncronisation ?

For me algorithm can be :    
- Offline buffer directory ( one QSO = one ADIF file created into  qso-adif-sync/   directory for example ).
- A running service that sync each ADIF when "network is available" .
-> This enable CQRLOG to run in offline mode and syncronise QSO automaticly when Internet is OK.
-> This enable also CQRLOG to send new QSO and also existing modification of a QSO to the remote server. 

The LOG4OM implementation is a good example for ADIF POST :