QSL Sent-Status does not change after EQSL Upload

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QSL Sent-Status does not change after EQSL Upload

Since I am a fairly new user (since 1 week effectively) I do not know if this is a bug in the narrow sense, so... hear me out.

If I open the QSO-List and go to QSL -> QSL-sent -> Will send -> eQSL (SE), I am understanding that I communicate to CQRLog that I only plan to confirm this QSO via EQSL.

So if i then go to QSL -> eQSL -> Upload and finish the procedure successfully, I would assume that CQRLog could switch the QSL-sent-Column from "SE" to "E", since the user did what he marked the QSO for.

At the moment I do this with a simple SQL-Update-Statement which checks the ESQL-sent-column for "Y" and replaces "SE" for "E" for all those QSOs.

Is this a bug or is this a missing feature?

Thanks a lot for CQRLog - its a great, great program and has a very nice database layout! I plan to use it exclusively.


You don't need mark qso "SE".

You don't need mark qso "SE". Just upload qsos to eqsl and you get
date into log, when uploaded. As you can see, there is columns "EQSLS"
means sent, "EQSLR" means received, as well as if you do use LoTW..