Strange behaviour with updated DXCC-list...

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Strange behaviour with updated DXCC-list...


I'm in the process of transferring my paper logs to the computer-log.
Once in a while I download new DXCC-files for CQRLOG. Suddenly the number
of worked DXCC:s changed (with the latest update). I do rebuild the statistics
and reload data.

CQRLOG did not recognize the following call-signs among /M and /MM -calls, which had to be manually corrected:

-5V7C was coded as "!", while 5V7A was OK!
-UA3KM was coded as "!", strange....
-HP1/DJ7AA was coded as "!", should without doubt be Panama.
-K3J was coded USA, but in previous file-version it remained as KH3, which is correct.

If it wasnt possible to filter out DXCC = "!" I would be totally lost. Luckily I do have
my statistics on paper as well, but one purpose with the computer-log is to finally get the statistics right if I have messed up the paper version...

/Mikael SM6VJA

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Re: Strange behaviour with updated DXCC-list...

New country files still in process... however an "intermediate" version was released which has some issues. Many thanks for bug reports. I work day/night to improve the country files but I can't exclude some problems ... mea culpa, don't shoot the pianist, he plays as he can...

BTW K3J = KH3 only from 2001/09/11 to 2001/09/18, otherwise USA...

Country files - still W and W(USA)

I have downloaded last revisions of country files and rebuilt DXCC statistics, but there are still a double listing of W and W(USA).

I assume this problem will be solved in time, for the time being just a nuisance.

73 de LA3RK Olaf

Olaf Devik LA3RK