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Mode switching

I usually operate CW, but I noticed recently that the mode is not changing when I change frequency. This used to bother me because the mode would change when I didn't want it to (i.e., when I went to 7115 for CW operation). Now, if I change to 7200 kHz, the program stays in CW mode. If I click the TRX control the radio changes modes but the log does not. Also, even if I change the log's drop-down to SSB, the signal reports stay stuck at 599.

Is there a setting I have changed that is causing my issue?


Chas - NK8O

Have you noticed in new qso

Have you noticed in new qso window "Mode Auto" ?


mode switching

Well, now I have. That was the problem. I must have accidentally unchecked the box and not realized it. Duly noted for future reference. Thanks for the great logging utility!