Voice keyer from CW macro buttons

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Voice keyer from CW macro buttons


I have been playing with a wrapper script that allows cwdaemon to play audio files in a hierachial manner. Essentially, you can create any voice file you like and trigger them with the CW macro buttons, much the same way as you would with CW.

I created a number of audio files for phonetic alphabet and numbers. VK6FLAB used a synthesized voice, but I created my own with my own voice using Audacity. The nice bit about Audacity is one can modify the files with precise cuts, and the speed of the voice without changing the timbre or frequency. I cleaned up my midwest drawl to nice, crisp speech.

The macro will also read the shortcuts like %c, so if you fill in the callsign in the log entry, the macro will return it as phonetics.

I am primarily interested in using this for park activations, WWFF & POTA. I'm not much of an SSB op and my voice gets tired pretty quickly. I also get worried about disturbing folks around me when I'm using the mic.

I hope someone else finds this utility useful.


Chas - NK8O