cant update from CQRLog 2.4.0-3 to 2.5.2-1

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cant update from CQRLog 2.4.0-3 to 2.5.2-1

i keep getting an error where Synaptic or Discover Updates cannot overwrite 'usr/share/cqrlog/changelog.html'.
using root privileges, i was able to manually delete the file, and even tho the html file was gone, i still get the error.

Any ideas,thanks, VA3CME

cant update from CQRLog 2.4.0-3 to 2.5.2-1

Make a backup copy of your ~/.config/cqrlog folder (with all files and subfolders).
Either with you file browser (you must enable "show hidden files and folders" to find it)
or from command console with command:
cp -a ~/.config/cqrlog ~/.config/cqrlog_bak
You may instead use usb stick as destination (recommend).
cp -a ~/.config/cqrlog /your_usb_stick_root_folder/cqrlog_bak

Ok, this was "just for sure" as removing Cqrlog should not remove your log folder.
Then remove your cqrlog with Synaptic, do not try to update it.

After it is removed check that you do not have folder "/usr/share/cqrlog" any more.
If it is still there, remove it.

Then install new version of cqrlog.

I am not sure if this helps, but I would try this as first fix.

I recommend to compile Cqrlog from source. The latest version is 2.6.0 (001)
It will then replace the existing version.
Some message chains about this (suitable for most linux distributions)
Raspberry PI 4 and cqrlog
New Ubuntu and latest cqrlog
Mint 20 Cinnamon and new cqrlog