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ClubLog upload for previous callsigns

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ClubLog upload for previous callsigns


Occasionally, I still get QSLs for contacts I made many years ago with a previous callsign. Even though these are in my current log and (I think) were uploaded to ClubLog from CQRLOG, whenever I update a QSO I made with my prior callsign it can't upload the update to ClubLog. Is there a way around this, or is there a setting I haven't set?

For instance, I just got a QSL card from 4U1UN for a contact I made in 1998. I updated my log with the new QSL status and saved. When attempting to update ClubLog, it fails with the familiar "Could not delete original QSO data!" error.

Normally I would remove the entry from the "log_changes" table and upload a 1-off ADIF file to ClubLog, but I'd really like this to work!

Dave, N1KX

ClubLog upload for previous callsigns?

Following up - I tried looking in the source code to see if I could find out how this works. It think the OPERATOR tag isn't sent, so ClubLog must assume the payload comes from my default (current) callsign.

Can you confirm?


ClubLog upload for previous callsigns?

Hi Dave!

I think "operator" tag is not sent as it has been defined later, not so long ago.
Question now is that can Clublog accept Operator tag? And how it uses it?

I do not use external logs, so this is a gray area for me.


ClubLog upload for previous callsigns?

Thanks, Saku. I'm not sure how it works on the ClubLog interface side. They may not be using the OPERATOR tag at all. When I upload an ADIF file manually on ClubLog, I have to select the callsign the upload belongs to on the upload dialog page. I'm not sure how that would be handled when uploading from CQRLOG.

Not critical at all. I just wondered if I was missing something about how CQRLOG works. I'm always finding things I have not been using right. For instance, I wrote a few SQL scripts to use in "Filter -> SQL console" for various lookup and maintenance tasks. Then I learned more about how to use the "Filter -> Create" option and found I don't need most of the scripts. I'm just a hard-headed guy learning the hard-headed way. ;)

Thanks for helping out, and thanks for the great logging app!


-- Weird. I just found the issue you mentioned in another post with the subject line copied into the post. If I delete the subject line, then part of the first line of the post gets repeated.