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LOTW download

A few days back downloading from LOTW became impossible. Once there was a very slow download but it did not complete. Here is the error message:

Connected to LoTW server
NOT logged
Error: 104
Error: Connection reset by peer
Error: ssl_openssl

Any suggestions are appreciated, Colin...

LOTW Download

Painfully slow, when you can get it to start at all. Read another form post that there where other third party software having trouble recently accessing the download functions. I was starting to think something was corrupt on my end but thnakfully not. Several times the download wouldn't even start and then if restarted would error with something about waiting for running session to finish. Hope it clears up soon.

Tim - KF5RLL

Just got this:

Just got this:

Connected to LoTW server
Downloading size: 960769
NOT logged
Error: 110
Error: Connection timed out
Error: ssl_openssl

LOTW Download

Hi Tim!

Yes it downloads slower than usually. Took few minutes to complete.
For upload I can not say as my file was so small.


Connected to LoTW server
Downloading size: 368345
File downloaded successfully
File: /home/saku/.config/cqrlog/lotw/2023-01-05_11-46-39.adi
Preparing import ....
Import complete ...


Final Status: Success(0)
Signed ...
If you did not see any errors, you can send signed file to LoTW website by pressing Upload button

Uploading file ...
Size: 8830
Uploading was successful


LOTW site suffering

It's not a CQRLog issue, it's an LOTW issue. The site is suffering slowness and failure now as it tries to consume the backlog of unprocessed uploads. This seems to have started around the first of the year, when I suppose a lot of people upload batched logs for the year. I understand they are working through it.

You can check status at a couple of places:



Hope this helps!



Thanks for those links, explains all. VE1CSM...

Yea did not think it was a

Yea did not think it was a cqrlog error just pointing out that the trouble was causing delays for this software.

73 all - KF5RLL