Clublog upload problem

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Clublog upload problem

version 2.6.0
The following problem exists with Clublog:

If Clublog rejects an upload or delete command, CQRLOG retries it first, every time it needs to upload. As a result, it is stuck.

1. I entered a QSO for NOW (by mistake I typed a letter "O" instead of a number "0").
2. Clublog rejected the entry because the call was invalid.
3. When I made another QSO, CQRLOG tried to upload it. But first it retried NOW, which failed again. Stuck.
4. I noticed that I had made a mistake and edited the QSO to correct the letter to a number.
5. CQRLOG requested that Clublog delete the QSO. But since Clublog had not accepted it, it rejected the delete request.
6. If I tried to enter another QSO, CQRLOG always retried the delete, which always failed. Stuck again.

As a workaround, I told CQRLOG that all QSOs had been uploaded. This stopped the errors but by that time Clublog had decided to lock me out because of too many successive errors!

Possible solution: CQRLOG should never retry uploads or deletes to Clublog that have failed.

What module contains the Clublog interface?


Clublog upload problem

HI Victor!
Look at unit dLogUload.pas
Easier way is to disable automatic upload and do it manually from Qso list/online log daily or weekly basis like with eQSL and LoTW.