Erase old log?

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Erase old log?

Hi, I did a search but could not find the info on how to erase a log and start all over?
I imported my log a couple of months back and also did the same again (with more QSO in it) and my older ones got duplicated... so my log is a mess now. I can easily fix it with a fresh import but need to get rid of my old data. Can anyone help out?
Hope I was clear in my description.

Goran W6RBA

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Re: Erase old log?

Hi Goran,

if you want to clear your log, delete cqrlog.fdb file in log_data directory. Program creates empty database after start. But before you'll start QSO import, you have to import DXCC data. Open QSO list window, go to File -> Import -> DXCC data and choose one of files in ctyfiles subdir in your cqrlog directory. Then click to Open and import will start. You don't have to do it for each file, CQRLOG loads it itself.

Now all should be OK and you can start import.

73 Petr, OK2CQR