Strange interaction wsjtx<->cqrlog(118)

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Strange interaction wsjtx<->cqrlog(118)

I have recently upgraded to cqrlog(118), and have noticed that it does not revert to normal operation after I exit from wsjtx. When I leave wsjtx(by Alt+F4), the offline indicator remains on and I cannot enter calls into the New Qso window. The only way I have found to recover is Ctr+Q and restart.

Setup: openSUSE Tumbleweed(up to date),WSJT-X 2.6.1, cqrlog(118) compiled from git source.
cqrlog starts rigctld, which is then shared with wsjtx.

This worked with the last cqrlog I compiled, which was somewhere around 116 - sorry I can't be more specific.

What more info can I supply?

Strange interaction wsjtx<->cqrlog(118)

Wsjt remote can be toggled with ctrl+j that should exit remote without reboot of Cqrlog.
At wsjtx side:
Have you tested is there difference between closing from ALt+f4 and top right corner X?
At wsjt settings side do you have cheked all three boxes in tab where you define remote ip address? (cant check their names now)
Wsjtx should send udp datagram "close" to Cqrlog when it closes. Then Cqrlog knows it is time to close remote connection.

I still have older wsjtx, so I have not tested the latest one if it works same way. How ever you are first one reporting this.