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I have used CQRLOG for several years and am a great fan. Recently eqsl made a change to their download ADIF file that caused CQRLOG to freeze when trying to parse it. Saku quickly had a fix (rev 119) and was great at helping me to get a working build (albeit 32-bit) on a Raspberry Pi. Saku is a real asset to the CQRLOG community.

In working on this event I noted the stable version is very old. Is CQRLOG no longer being progressed to Beta and then Stable? I understand this is open source and only available due to the generosity of people much smarter than me so please don't take this as criticism. I am just curious.


I'll add another vote for a

I'll add another vote for a new stable version. It's a major problem for the *users* if they can't just do a standard install to get updates. I know Linux users are mostly techies but they are not all software techies.



Thanks for the warning.


annata20 (not verified)

Developers typically provide release notes that detail the changes, connections bug fixes, and new features in each version.

new stable version

Long time user of CQR Log. My Experience is that it is not being supported. Saku is trying but the original Author is not supporting it any longer. His Ham QTH site is way out of date for call lookups. It seems like the original author got in a quarrel with QRZ.Com and maybe others. I was a supporter based on the Free aspect of CQRLog VS the monitization of data used by QRZ.COM and HRD Log and likely others. HOWEVER as a business owner I came to realize that supporting those that support my hobby with my dollars is not an evil thing to do.
I have had issues with CQR Log and have spent much time when it crashes rebuilding it and getting it back working etc. I recently watched a you tube from HRD log and found out they are working on making their product multi platform. Spending dollars to make it work on LINUX.
I am very exited that a main stream provider is supporting LINUX. SDR Play has also just released SDR connect that supports LINUX.
I am now moving away from FREE software that is not being supported and supporting developers who are bringing Windows only software to the LINUX community,

I have adjusted my thinking on this and realize I want quality software in LINUX. I realize I am going to have to pay a few bucks for it.
I paid for an HRD subscription even though it is only on Windows right now. My thought is I want to help them achieve their goal of supporting me on LINUX.
I hate Windows but have HRD Log going and have to say it beats CQR Log by a large margin. When it is available for LINUX I don't think CQR LOG will last. Just my opinion but I am preparing for the move now.
Still using both, but find myself just booting to Windows when I am playing radio.
HRD log and DM780. HRD Alert etc.....Just works. Oh and I had some issues getting it set up and for the few bucks I paid I had a HRD support person help me for over an hour getting everything configured. I had not used windows in so long I forgot how to work it.
An hour of support on the phone for over an hour.... and they are bringing that support to LINUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone noticed all the hacking on this forum? Yikes!!! Who controls this site?

Jon N8EM