Macquarie Island VK0MQ entry says CE9 Antarctica is the DXCC Entity

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Macquarie Island VK0MQ entry says CE9 Antarctica is the DXCC Entity

Hi Folks,

I tried to manually change the entry and the log will not allow me to change CE9 to VK0.

I made a few attempts to fix, then tried one file change ( detailed below ) and decided I needed help.

Sorry for the rambling in the note below, it's how I keep up with what I try or find in 'fixit' mode. I don't want to upgrade the DXCC tables automatically until I fix the issue that causes lockout of the program. I would just like to add a line somewhere if that's possible.

My Program says 2022-07-05 Ver 2.6.0 (001) Gtk 2

Thanks for a great logging program that will run on my little Raspberry Pi.


In /home/pi/cqrlog/ctyfiles/CallResolution.tbl I added

=VK0MQ|ANARE Macquarie Island Station|AN|-10|54.6167S|158.85E|60|30||R|2022/06/11-2022/12/31=153

right after the =VK0MM entry

CallResolution.tbl last access dated 06/22/2021
last modification 01/028/2024 (me)

NOTE I did not change /home/pi/.config/cqrlog/ctyfiles/CallResolution.tbl
More reading tells me that what I did change is not used in daily routines.

/home/pi/cqrlog/ctyfiles/ has

VK0(M)|Macquarie Island|AN|-10|54.6167S|158.85E|60|30|153||1963/09/16- last access dated 06/22/2021
last modification 06/22/2021

/home/pi/cqrlog/ctyfiles/AreaOK1RR.tbl has

VK0|Antarctica: Wilkes, Casey, Davis, Mawson Bases|AN|0|66S|110E|69|39||R|=13

Is % a wildcard, such that VK0M% pointing to Macquarie Island might be valid ?

AreaOK1RR.tbl last access dated 06/22/2021
last modification 06/22/2021

/home/pi/cqrlog/ctyfiles/Ambiguous.tbl lists VK0

/home/pi/cqrlog/ctyfiles/MASTER.SCP does not have the call VK0MQ in it

VK0MQ is listed in AD1C's latest cty.dat file as

Macquarie Island: 30: 60: OC: -54.60: -158.88: -10.0: VK0M:

Macquarie Island VK0MQ entry says CE9 Antarctica is the DXCC Ent

Check preferences / program that you have dxcc update enabled.
There has been several updates in this month and you should have seen them at the start of Cqrlog.
If something is still wrong the latest alpha versions ( now2.6.0(121) compiled (122) source) have property where you can set qso's dxcc and also save it.

Dxcc files are quite cryptic but of course you can edit them. After edit you have to import them again to Cqrlog.

If you have auto updates enabled you will lost your edit on next update and have to repeat them if update did not do fix you need.


Macquarie Island VK0MQ - Thanks


Thanks for all you do here. Using your instructions I have upgraded my installation of CQRlog and should be fine now. I will let you know if I experience any other issues.

I appreciate your raspberry pi installation notes especially. They helped me put my system together initially and it has been performing admirably..

Now if I could find a magic want to make stupid replies like #3 and #4 go away. Lets hope nobody clicks on these links. Phishing at it's worst..