Problems building with QT5

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Problems building with QT5

I have been running various versions of cqrlog_qt5 on openSUSE Tumbleweed for
the past year, and last weekend decided to build the latest version from
Saku's loc_testing repo. Since TW is a rolling distribution, I got to use the
latest tools - Lazarus 3.0, glibc 2.39, Qt5 5.15.2+kde patches, etc.

After a 'git pull' from loc_testing, the first try was a simple 'make
clean;make cqrlog_qt5;make DESTDIR=~/.local install', as I've used before.

Fire it up, and I get the splash picture, and then the Segfault error
window. I try 'gdb cqrlog' and I remember the binary gets stripped - no
debug info. Try 'make cqrlog_qt5_debug' but still no symbols.

OK, lets try just 'make debug'.

gwb@stitch:~/OSS/src/cqrlog.saku> file src/cqrlog
src/cqrlog: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/, BuildID[sha1]=9b7080ecbd59621b8c6556118b87ca86e74fd673, for GNU/Linux 2.4.0, stripped

still no symbols. However, that version (Gtk2) works just fine - no
segfault. Ugly, but usable.

So it looks like a problem with my setup, or maybe the latest Qt5, or maybe
Lazarus, or maybe...

Now my questions for the forum:
A) Anybody built cqrlog_qt5 with bleeding edge libraries?
B) How do I generate a debuggable binary with Lazarus?
C) Should I just go back to an older system.

PS: After writing this I tried building from the git master - same segfault
with qt5 version, so it really is a problem with my system that I'd like to

PPS: Noted that Lazarus 3.0 allows --ws=gtk3; tried that but got access

Problems building with QT5

I have not used Laz 3.0. Tested once and it did not work.
Decided to wait that they release upgraded version where first bugs are fixed.
Gtk 3 does compile, fixed it once, but it does not run. Too many runtime errors with graphics.

Open lazarus-ide and open project using cqrlog.lpi file in src directory.

From project options you can select debugging and also widgets used.
When compiled via lazarus-ide the binary appears in src folder and can be run directly from lazarus-ide if symlink share ( points to /usr/share) is appended to source root folder ( ../src , where makefile is)

Also make install works normal way even when binary is build via lazarus-ide.

I would appreciate if you find out laz 3.0 usage problems with QT5.
Othewise just install older laz version (or you can have both)


Still no luck

Updated today to latest lazarus and libQt5Pas but still not working

--ws=gtk2 OK
--ws=qt5 Access violation after splash screen
--ws=gtk3 Access violation after showing empty NewQSO window
--ws=qt6 Compilation errors

Problems building with QT5

I Installed Lazarus 3.2 and latest libqt5pas from to Fedora 39 virtual machine.
Same results as you got. Dies in start splash.

How ever Lazarus debugger finds the point in line 5845 of qtwidgets.pas that is a part of libqt5pas. I have made an issue from this.
Let's see do we get any fix.