LoTW confirmation accuracy?

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LoTW confirmation accuracy?


I have a lot of QSOs that are marked as "confirmed by LoTW" in the DXCC-statistics. But many of them can not be found as confirmed in the LoTW ... Some of them are not even LoTW users.

What has gone wrong here?

A part of the log is written in another program, but I never managed it to download LoTW data at all.

It also seems difficult to use the filtering function to get only LoTW-confirmed qsos. If I choose the "LoTW QSL received, L" I get both normal QSL confirmations and LoTW in the list.
May be my native ADIF was corrupt?

When the filtering feature is in use, the number of QSO:s in the log varies depending on how I sort the information in the filtered result. Try to filter with "Q" for confirmed by QSL. Check the number of QSOs in the result. Now sort by Mode and the number of QSOs is totally different. As the filter still is ON I would like see the same QSO:s in a different order.

I use the 0.9.3

Best regards,
Mikael SM6VJA

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Re: LoTW confirmation accuracy?

Hi Miakel,

you can use filter to choose only QSO confirmed via LoTW but you should enable showing LoTW_QSLR field in preferences.

I have no idea why station who are not using LoTW are set asi LoTW cfm. Maybe corrupted ADIF file.

Record count is sometimes wrong. Time to time the result is only number of fetched records in memory and not real number of records. It is a bug in components that I use for database access. It will be fixed in version 1.0 which will have diferent database access.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

LoTW confirmation accuracy?


I exported this log to ADIF and put it in my laptop with a fresh installation and latest LoTW -file. This works fine, statistics seem
to be correct. So I may have messed up the other installation when I deleted the log and somehow got it working again a long time ago. I think the best is to start from a white paper.

Regarding record count when sorting, it seems like the QSO number increases every time I sort differently when the filter is on. Not sure if
this happens without the filtering on. Anyway, we wait for 1.0


Mikael SM6VJA