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cqrlog Ft-2000

Hello all ,
Looking for some help , As i am new to linux
I am running Ubuntu 10.04 lts Lucid 64 bit .
I have CQRLOG installed and running .
I have hamlib-1.2.12 running .
I go to a cmd line and go to the dir wear hamlib is ,
i start it with rigctl -m 129 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 38400 -C stop_bits=1 -C data_bits=8

and get this
Rig command:
send: f and i get this err

get_freq: error = Protocol error

Rig command:
budrate is set to 38400 on the radio

looking for some help on this ,
Thanks Bob KC2CWT

CQRLOG not controling radio

I have fixed Hamlib talking and controling radio .
But CQRLOG will not control radio . Is thair a way to se what is gowing on in a log file ?

CQRLOG not controlling Rig

Go to File>>> Preferences>>>TRX control
Make sure all the setting are OK
This should be /dev/tty??? ??? = USB0, USB1, USB2 etc which is the tty for RIG CNTRL
I have 2 tty's USB0 = PTT and USB1 = RIG CNTRL
serial speed = baud for your rig
put check marks in RTS DTR
RIG ID there is a list of radios in the HELP File
I.E. my rig is an IC-IC746Pro, so my RIG ID is 346

Hope this helps out

N9JCA Chris

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all

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so that I may LEARN how to do it"

CQRLOG not controlling Rig

I have checked all the setings . It like CQRLOG can not find or use Hamlib2 .
I can control the radio from the cmd line , But the software can not

64bit issue


this is due to the fact that CQRLOG is a 32 bit application and does not work with hamlib 64bit. Following this should help: http://www.cqrlog.com/?q=node/321#comment-801

Good luck!