CW Speed in Sync with Winkey and TRX?

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CW Speed in Sync with Winkey and TRX?

After runnung CQRLOG for more than 2 years as not too active operator :) I'm getting more and more addicted to this nice logprogram .. and I was very pleased to see it running quite nice even on my Atom based netbook ( 1024 * 600 pixel screen) that is really great for replacing the paper log on /p outdoor fun.

Running most of the time CW QRP, I really like the support of the winkey chip that solves a lot of problems in timing and even squeezing on VHF / UHF.

But there is a big drawback up to now: Mixed use of CW keyboard, Macros and paddle is a pain if you have to shift the keyer speed on demand and quick to match the speed of a station.

For me it is a real pain to use the PC keyboard for this purpose.. I really like the 'analogue' Speed potentiometer used at the Winkey 2 keyer.. this key speed can be polled by the PC and so it is not to tricky to controll the keyboard Speed by the Speed potentiometer of the Winkeyer while now the Speed Potentiometer is out of service runnung the keyboard.

Further more, some transceivers offers also a read out of the internal keyspeed set at the radio keyer (usefull, if you have two keyer inputs for cw... one for the paddle, the other for a brasskeyer or for your PC ...) and it is a perfect horror to keep the internal keyerspeed of the build in transceiver keyer in sync with the speed of the PC keyboard.

So it would be very nice to keep also the keyspeed of the internal transceiver keyer in sync with the CQRLOG keyer, of course this will only work if the remote kommand set of the transceiver offers reading / setting the internal keyspeed by hamlib command. ( I know only the K3.. that one offers this option)

73 and again tnx for all your affords getting better and better :) (and you are getting better and better!)

Olaf / DL5YBZ

Hello Olaf,

Hello Olaf,

Your post is a bit older, but I wonder if anything has happened here in the meantime?

Are you still of the opinion that this is a useful extension, or has something changed in your opinion? Maybe you have got used to a different way of working in the meantime.

73, Wolfgang