1.0.0RC1 import problem

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1.0.0RC1 import problem

I export 15018 entries (as ADIF) in 0.9.6 and import in 1.0.0RC1 and get the notice that there are 21 errors, and when I check I have 15018 - 21 = 14997 records in the new log.

How do I identify and possibly correct the aflicted records?

Other than that so far it seems a great new version - it even allows me to have multiple log without multiple installations to maintain! Now if we could also have some locator statistics and recognintion of propagation mode (important for the VHF/UHF/SHF crowd)

Best 73 de OZ1PIF, Peter

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Re: 1.0.0RC1 import problem

Hi Peter,

error log is created in your home directory. The path to the file is showing in ADIF import window when program finds the first error in ADIF file during the import.

And in the errror adif file you find description what is wrong. If you correct errors in the error log file, you can try to import it. It is normal ADIF file where program stored all wrong records.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

1.0.0RC1 import problem solved

The problem was 4 non-std./experimental mode designators, which I'm using in my production 0.9.6, these carry to the ADIF file, but were unknown to the (clean) install of 1.0.0RC1

After re-entering the modes (in preferences-modes)the import went without problems.
Curious note: the delimiter (comma) must be entered after each new mode - even the last!

Possible bug report: After upddating to RC2 the special mode definition were gone! (This may me a user error, I have not attempted to re-create the scenario)

I'm using the repository install and update method on Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit

73's de OZ1PIF Peter