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Hello Folks,
I'm running on different stations (home, garden, club station (DA0HQ), holidays...) and at the moment I use a simple PHP-Logbook and when I'm back at home I write all the QSOs I made from my tiny php-log to CQRLog on my desktop. Is it possible to store the log-file on an ftp-server that I can use my log-database from every computer where CQRLog is installed?
It would be a great feature!

Thanks in advance

Andre, DL4UNY

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RE: FTP-support

Hi Andre,

cqrlog uses MySQL embedded as default. If you want, you can use full MySQL server without any problem. So install MySQL on one of your computers, in CQRLOG database connection window uncheck option Save data to local computer and you can enter computer name, user and password to connect to your machine with MySQL server. There is no way how to have data on ftp directory.

Or maybe I didn't understand what you need. I'm sorry.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

RE: FTP-support

Hey Petr,
thanks for Information, that's all I need. It's working now :-)
My idea was the keep the sql-database on an ftp-server, but it's working now on this way, thanks again :-)

73 de Andre, DL4UNY

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