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After three months of releasing alpha, beta and RC versions, there is 1.0.0 final. It took almost 4 years to reach this milestone. When we started in 2007, it was not expected that CQRLOG will have over 700 users worldwide (and some left Windows and moved to Linux to use our CQRLOG). Actually, there is > 700 registered users of the CQRLOG web site but the real number of users is probably much higher.

The development started in the beginning of 2007, first release was on 27. Sep 2007. Since the 0.1.0, 29 program versions were released including alpha, beta and RC releases. Version 1.0.0 is our 30th release. Program consists now of over 71 000 code lines and includes 69 windows.

  • CQRLOG is now package ready (now .deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian only)
  • native 32bit and 64bit versions
  • support of multiple logs
  • membership (> 70 clubs, 5 of them can be processed simultaneously) is tracked by membership number (if a club doesn't have numbers, callsign is used)
  • config file is stored directly to the main database. If a log is opened on another computer, the settings will remain the same
  • other windows (Grayline, Detail info, DX cluster etc.) auto-opened only if they were previously opened in running CQRLOG which was properly (regularly) closed
  • new faster ADIF import
  • CQRLOG can be used on local computer with MySQL embedded or on a MySQL server, CQRLOG can be run on another (remote) machine
  • echo for telnet DX cluster added (the sent-out command is also displayed in DX cluster window)
  • clear log function added (in database connection window all log data can be erased but the log file is not deleted)
  • new About window added
  • changelog in .html format added
  • membership databases updated
  • manual page added
How to upgrade from version 0.9.6 or older is described in arcticle about alpha1 release.

Ubuntu users can use CQRLOG’s repository on Launchpad.
To add repository to your system, put into terminal this:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ok2cqr/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Note: Launchpad seems to be quite busy right now. It will start building in about three hours. Please be patient (updated on 19:21 UTC).

CQRLOG can be now installed with Ubuntu software center or with Synaptics. CQRLOG icon will appear in Application -> Accessories. So next time when new version will be released, you will see it in update manager.

For those who don't use Ubuntu, there are Debian packages:

Complete application directory for other distributions:

The binaries should work in any distribution. Please don't forget to install MySQL server, MySQL client, Hamlib libraries and if LoTW support is desired, trustedqsl package and libssl-devel must be installed.


Congratulations with Your milestone.
Alot of work!
This version seem to be working ok. I just installed it yesterday, so I have not tested it so much.

73 de Børge/LA4VGA

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CQRLOG 1.0.0 released