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A few days after release 1.0.0 I have to release 1.0.2 where is fixed bug with loading MySQL libraries on Fedora 15 and Debian unstable. I also added one new function.

  • backup into the same file option added
  • ADIF export speed-up
  • loading MySQL libraries on Debian unstable and Fedora 15 - fixed
  • ADIF impor - fixed

How to upgrade from version 0.9.6 or older is described in arcticle about alpha1 release.

Ubuntu users can use CQRLOG’s repository on Launchpad. To add repository to your system, put into terminal this:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ok2cqr/ppa
sudo apt-get update

CQRLOG can be now installed with Ubuntu software center or with Synaptics. CQRLOG icon will appear in Application -> Accessories. So next time when new version will be released, you will see it in update manager.

For those who don't use Ubuntu, there are Debian packages:

Debian source package:

Complete application directory for other distributions:

The binaries should work in any distribution. Please don't forget to install MySQL server, MySQL client, Hamlib libraries and if LoTW support is desired, trustedqsl package and libssl-devel must be installed.


Hi Petr!

I'm enabled auto search on qrz.com, but this message from qrz.com: Login is required for additional detail. I'm dont find the qzr.com login parameters. Please help me.


Earlier today it worked, but some hours ago it started to show this message. Maybe something has been changed today in qrz.com. Direct inquiries work normally, even without login, althou login is needed for detailed information.

Pekka OH2BSC

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Most of the Windows based loggers have a place to put your user name and password, for QRZ look ups, such as Fldigi. this would work here, I am an xml subscriber to QRZ, I support their change.. Peter I think maybe the same needs to be done here with Cqrlog. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. It is the only logging program that logs qso correctly. I have tried them all, (DXlabs,to many open little windows) (HRD The worst, but looks good) (Logger32 was next in line as being good.) just to mention a few, Thanks to your logging program I have gotten rid of all my windows PC's thanks... Tom K8WDX


I am for the xml database system they have in place, for a fee, to access this information. It seems fair to me, and these back and forth changes will not affect normal users. Can you implement that so we can go back to using cqrlog at its' full potential and use its' xml parser? Without the qrz fill-in, it is just much harder to make lots of contacts quickly.

--Kris, KB4MB

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I do agree with this, I am an XML subscriber as well, I do put a value on the services I use, I just started using CQRlog, it is the best logging program I have used, I went through a lot of them. nothing is as acurate as this one is, and I fully intend to make a donation here as well, I am not out for a free lunch and am more than happy to pay for something that works for me... Tom K8WDX


Hi Janos,

Today, the owner of the QRZ.com site (AA7BQ) changed the policy for access to detailed call sign information. Go to the QRZ.com home page and read the article entitled "QRZ Callsign Database Policy Change". Some changes to the CQRLOG program will probably be needed due to the QRZ.com policy changes.

Tony (N2ATB)

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Hi Tony,

I just opened qrz.com and read the new policy. They are kidding? I need to be logged to get address? I put my information into qrz.com database for free. And now I have to pay/register to get the information back? I dont need any special data. I need just only name and QTH and I'll be happy. More detail request login is not so good but also not so worst.

I can't belive my eyes. So WE put all data to QRZ.COM for free and now this? It is the same like telephone list. They got my telephone and address for free and want to pay if I want look at it? They are kidding, right?

Everything started with HTML code changes specialy to prevent to be parsed with program. Hidden nonsece fields etc. We got over it. Now he stopped it completely. I don't belive that it is because of load. If he prepared simple page with basic information like address without all advertisement pictures and other banners, without a lot of HTML code which I don't need, there won't be this "big" load.

I'm very angry with this. Very angry! Now if anybody come to qrz.com, he will see only my callsign! Nothing more!!!! It is very useful! Visitor will say FUCK, I wont register only because I want to see his address! So now I ingore QRZ.COM. It doesn't exists for me anymore.

Maybe there is time to create free callbook server where people enter their address for free and also get data for free. If my wife approve it and our family budget allow it, I'll buy hosting and domain for it and start to create this "free callbook server".

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Peter, I don't think it is that bad, I think he just does this to eliminate spammers, what happens if you put in you user name and password? I think the info you are looking for comes up, Just need to add this into the program, like during set up for look up, like where you check off to use QRZ, have to put a place there to enter user name and password, and link that with QRZ, as I said before, every other logging program I have used has this, and has also gone through the other changes at the QRZ site. This may not be a bad change, It will keep the servers less loaded from the spammers going in and attempting to spam everyone. The only problem is next there will be one of those boxes to enter the garbled code that no one can read..hihi, always something!!! Thanks Tom K8WDX


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Peter I don't think it cost anything to register, there are different levels of info to obtain and yes that will cost a little bit, but for basic info such as name address, etc. I do believe registration is free. If you buy a subscription you will get more info when looking up a call such as grid square etc.. I don't think there is a real issue here other than adding a username and password to CQRlog, and linking it so every time a call is entered in the look up window the program uses this username and password to access QRZ.. HTH Tom K8WDX


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Tom, I think it is very bad. I put my address to QRZ.COM to be find. If anybody want to know my address, he can just look at it. No registration or other nonsence things only because anybody wants to see my address.
I don't know about any spam. I couldn't enter anything without registration, that is correct. But why I need registration for read-only operation? I don't want to register when I only want to see somebody address.

I can decide to show only size, and name of cqrlog files. But if you want to donwload it, you have to register. That is very bad idea. You can browse or download whatever you want from this site without any registration. And I thing, it is right way. Users here put their comments because they want to and it would be very bad from me, to hide all and request registration. It is the same for QRZ.COM.

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It may be a issue with advertising, If he can show, say X amount of registered users, he may be able the justify the amount he is charging for advertisement. Who knows, but there is more than likely a hidden agenda, that only he knows about. I still think it is a good idea to register, then set up your QRZ page with some pictures and a nice Bio, it's all in good fun. hope this all works out. until then I will be coping and pasting HiHi.. again thanks for the great program...



I was a user of n3fjp’s acLog 3.0 for years before
discovering your program. In order to automatically
fill in the qth, an xml subscription is required if one
wants to use the qrz data. The other option was to
download the fcc database for free but accept that
only US data would be available. A third option of
fast qth download from qrz with a qrz downloaded
database subscription worked the best especially
during high volume internet access periods. Having
tried several other logging programs, in my opinion,
CqrLog is the best by far. I sure can copy and paste the
info from a logged-in browser but wish that you would
consider a similar change to the program that would
incorporate the options of both an xml and database
qrz subscription. Thank you again for your efforts with
cqrlog and allowing me also to utilize linux for logging.

Best 73‘s
Richard, KY7Q

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In order to auto fill the Name and QTH info you will need two things, #1 you will need an xml subscription from QRZ, 39.95 USD per year #2 Peter will have to add this function to the program, there will be an area where you will have to insert you user name and password. For right now you can become a registered user at QRZ this is free, see qrz site and subscribe, when entering call into box, click on the QRZ icon,QRZ will open you will have to insert you user name and call, (one time) click on the remember for your browser so you dont have to do this eveytime, then copy and past info into boxes, If you are working a pile up, you can come back and do this later, this is a priority update for Peter, so it will come soon. 73 Tom K8WDX


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Ok Peter, I just set up my daughters account on QRZ. It was free, once the user name and password are set, you get all detail info, again just had to register for free, and all info comes up. so it is just a mater of setting up CQRlog to have this info in the set up area, a place to set up username and password, then have CQRlog use this info to access QRZ, I am not a programer so I do not know how to do it, but again the other windows programs already do this, It would be a mater of the user to register at QRZ, which I think everyone should do anyway, there is a lot of info available, such as when I hit the QRZ button in CQRlog, it opens up as long as I am logged into QRZ. Once you set your user name and password, hit remember in your browser, and all is good. With more registered users, we can get more people putting pictures on their QRZ site, I enjoy looking at a QRZ page that has additional info with pic's.
I also get a bunch of useful info, even a map with where the station is. not bad for just registering. HTH.


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I'll add this to CQRLOG as soon as possible. Users want this function. I wanted to add it after I add eQSL support but eQSL have to wait.

I add XML support so it means more customers and more money to QRZ.COM. What WE as developers will have from it except good sense? Get we free XML access? I doubt. So I'll have to pay at least week access to QRZ.COM to test if CQRLOG works as expected. Yes, there is a demo version of XML access. But I need to test log also with full xml output.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Ok gentlemen and ladies, don't forget to buy Peter a cup of coffee for all his hard work, the donate button is on the top right side of your screen,,,Tom K8WDX


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I was having problem importing some QSOs (420 QSOs) to an existing log. The import always stopped after 313 QSOs. After checking ADIF file I found extra field .... "QSL VIA:1"/ .....

The import stopped here.

I suggest that if an error is found in the import ADIF file that it be rejected and written to an error file. For example LOGGER32 for Windows detects ADIF errors and writes the bad records to a file called "BAD.ADI". It does not stop when it finds an error. It only imports the error free data records.

Another suggestion. If there is a duplicate record in the imported ADIF file it should also be written to the error file and not be put in the log a second time.

Thanks for the nice program. There is always something to be added or improved with software programs.

Dan (W3DF)

73, Dan-W3DF

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Hi Dan,

cqrlog creates errorlog after finds wrong record. But problem was with / character. I don't know why, I must fix it.
I have dupe check funtion on my TODO list but it is not on the top :).

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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