problem with the scrollbar

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problem with the scrollbar

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there is a problem with the scrollbar. I can only scroll up and down. Is isn't possible to scroll on the left or on the right.
Maybe it is a problem of the new Unity from Ubuntu 11.04.

vy 73,

PS: The automatic installer via synaptic is amazing. Many thanks

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Re: problem with the scrollbar

Hi Klaus,

there is only one way how to solve problem with new scrollbars - disable it. It is lazarus related bug because for some controls it uses native GTK scrollbars and for other controls paint scrollbars itself and don't use GTK - that doesn't work.

How to disable it is described here:

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hi Petr, I've deactivated

Hi Petr,

I've deactivated the 'overlay scrollbars' from unity, and restarted the machine. Now, it works and I can still test and work with your great software. Many thanks Petr.

73 Klaus, DL1KJB