install-script for other versions

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install-script for other versions

For those who install the files manually, and want to save some time:

download i.e. "cqrlog_1.1.0_i386.tar.gz" and extract it
gunzip -c cqrlog_1.1.0_i386.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Goto the cqrlog_1.1.0_i386 -directory (cd cqrlog_1.1.0_i386) and run these commands

cp -rfp ./usr/bin/* /usr/bin
cp -rfp ./usr/share/applications/* /usr/share/applications
cp -rfp ./usr/share/cqrlog/* /usr/share/cqrlog
cp -rfp ./usr/share/icons/* /usr/share/icons
cp -rfp ./usr/share/man/man1/* /usr/share/man/man1
cp -rfp ./usr/share/pixmaps/* /usr/share/pixmaps

Or You could put into a script file and run it from there.

Please check that this fits with Your installation before running the commands.

73 de Børge / LA4VGA