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TRX Control

This may be a silly question, and if it is, forgive me but what is the purpose of TRX Control? I have it set up and sort of working but is it there to get you to a favourite freq and mode on a particular band?

I see my freq meter changing in sync with my rig as I swing the dial, but Id like to be able to control the rig from the software without having to touch the rig. Is that possible? Also if I hit the 80m button (for instance) it doesnt change my rig to that band with itś preset freq.

What gives?

RE:TRX Control

I seldom use the TRX-control-window to control the Rig.
I prefer the VFO-dial. :)

I use the frequency/mode read-out to put it directly into the log.
Also the band-map or DX-cluster window I double-click on the wanted DX-spot to go directly to that frequency.

It doesn't allways work for me, but then I use the File-refresh TRX control.
This may be caused by a Hamlib-rig communication problem.

I guess the author have some fill-ins here.

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

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Re: TRX Control

I also prefere VFO dial knob. Log swich freq only if you double-click on a spot in dx cluster or station in bandmap. You can also change freq by typing into callsign field e.g.
3520 and hit enter
rig change freq and mode. Frequency has to be in kHz. Or you can hit ALT+F and enter freq and mode.

If 80m button doesn't change the freq, please go to Preferences -> Modes and set all bandwidth to 0 (zero). It could help.

73 Petr, OK2CQR